We supply 5 types of static mixer.

Mixer necessary to be selected according to  usage and materials 

DS-1 TYPE (General use)

As  standard, consist of six elements per mixer unit. Number of elements is increased or decreased in accordance with application methods. These models have a wide range of uses such as mixing, dispersion, heat exchange, chemical reaction and extraction.

DS-2 TYPE (for Foods & Medical products)

Sanitary pipe is used for housing and ferrule and IDF for joints. The interior surface is given a sanitary finish.

Elements can be easily removeable from the housing and both CIP(Cleaning In Place) and disassembled cleaning are possible.

DS-3 TYPE (for Experiment)

This unit is useful type for laboratory or pilot plant.

The housing was made by glass or acrylic pipe, so you can see the mixing statues through visble tube.

DS-4 TYPE (Steam Mixer)

Steam mixer can heat the liquid by direct injection. Noise and vibration during working is minimized by our technology.

Direct mixing of liquid and steam guarantees high thermal efficiency and low heat loss.

DS-5 TYPE (for high viscosity liquid)

Designed for the high viscosity liquid, so be applied to the process of chemical and textile industry.

We supply special edge sealed mixer which has zero clearance between housing and element.